Invest in a garden room for your hotel in 2017

The start of a New Year is a great time to be thinking of investment and expansion for your hotel. A garden room offers new business opportunities and a new place for guests and visitors to relax and enjoy their time at your hotel.

Installing a garden room in your hotel will provide a tranquil space that will offer your guests the opportunity to sit closer to nature and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Garden room installations for hotels

A garden room is a great investment for your hotel and can help you get the most out of your business. It can be used to gain more revenue by becoming a space for guests that you can add an additional charge for, or simply a stunning addition to your grounds that the guests have access to.

There are many ways to use a bespoke garden room in your hotel to please your guests.

A selling point in your marketing campaigns

A garden room will be another amenity that your hotel has to offer and you can include this information in your marketing campaigns to encourage more guests to stay at your hotel.

Take the opportunity to install a hot tub or outdoor gym

A garden room can offer the perfect location for an outdoor gym and facilities like a hot tub, sauna, or steam room.

Installing a hot tub or sauna in a garden room will add a touch of luxury to your hotel that guests can pay to use. A relaxing space in the gardens of your hotel that your guests will love and can be the reason people visit your hotel!

Use your garden room as a games room

A great way to keep kids entertained is to install a garden room games room. With a completely bespoke service, you can choose exactly what games services you’d like installed in your room.

You can include anything from a pool table to a cinema screen with entertainment system, arcade games and more. A fun way for children to enjoy themselves while adults enjoy the evening entertainment at the hotel!

Additional Dining Space

Not everyone enjoys sharing their dining space with others, and a private dining area within a garden room is a luxurious alternative to the hotel restaurants.

It could be a first-class service, with meals served to you rather than guests serving themselves and situated in the grounds of your hotel will provide a wonderful view at mealtimes.

Contact Garden Room Designer for Hotel Installations

If you would like to invest in a garden room for your hotel in 2017, contact our garden room design experts to discuss your requirements and we can cater to exactly what you need. Our team are happy to answer any queries regarding garden room installations. You can also contact us directly on 01491 612820.

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Invest in a garden room for your hotel in 2017