Trade and Commercial Garden Room Designs

Crown Pavilions create and supply garden rooms to businesses as well as domestic properties. Restaurants and pubs utilise bespoke garden rooms as a unique area for diners whilst hotels and spas use them as a place for guests to relax and unwind. Get in touch today for more information on bespoke garden rooms for your business.

Garden Rooms for Businesses

Restaurants, pubs and hotels have all benefited from the installation of a garden room from Crown Pavilions. They add a unique space that gives users the chance to relax and dine in style. Crown Pavilions have created garden rooms for clients all over the world, giving businesses an extra service to their customers.



Why Choose Crown Pavilions?

Crown Pavilions is a leading manufacturer and provider of the world’s finest garden rooms. Our skilled carpenters use the best available materials to create spaces that are built to last. A 3-year workmanship guarantee and 30-year rot guarantee are both exclusive to Crown Pavilions as we are so confident in the lasting quality of our designs.

Bespoke Garden Rooms

Create a garden room that’s perfect for you with the bespoke design service from Crown Pavilions. Garden kitchens, offices, spas, cinemas and more have all been created by the experts at Crown Pavilions. Optional extras can be chosen to create an outdoor space that can be enjoyed by guests throughout the year.


Contact Crown Pavilions

If you have any questions regarding garden rooms from Crown Pavilions, please get in touch with our team now. Contact us online and we will get back to you as soon as possible or call directly on 01491 612820 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Garden Room Designs for Trade & Commercial

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Trade and Commercial Garden Room Designs