Bespoke Garden Room Designs

Crown Pavilions offer a bespoke design service that allows our clients to create a garden room that’s perfect for them. Our talented designers have helped to create garden kitchens, spas, offices, cinemas and more. Choose from optional extras to produce an outdoor space that will be used and enjoyed throughout the year.

Garden Offices, Cinemas and More

Crown Pavilions have helped clients design garden cinemas, kitchens, offices and spas. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor space to entertain friends throughout the year, or simply a garden getaway that is perfect for enjoying a moment’s peace, we can help.



Customisable Garden Rooms

We work with you to incorporate your ideas into the garden room to make sure it’s everything you hope it will be. Bespoke garden rooms from Crown Pavilions can be complete with furnishings, electricity and heating and lighting solutions. Turn your garden room into a personalised home office or a games room for the kids, the possibilities are endless.

Garden Rooms for Commercial Properties

Crown Pavilions design garden rooms that are perfect for a range of businesses including restaurants, hotels, pubs and spas. A garden room is an elegant space for your guests to relax or dine in. A bespoke garden room can be customised to suit the needs or stylings of your individual business.


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For more information on garden rooms from Crown Pavilions or to make an enquiry, please get in touch today. Contact us online and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, call Crown Pavilions directly on 01491 612820 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Luxury Bespoke Garden Room Designs

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Bespoke Garden Room Designs